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Character Import issue

Hey there,

i am currently playing Last epoch on a Laptop and my PC, i connected steam to it but is there any way to get the character data from my Laptop to the PC? I am back to my PC and would really like to not have to level again and farm all items :S
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I’m pretty sure your character is linked to your steam, not your computer, so it should automatically transfer over. What does it say when you log in?

Steam Cloud save should be able to do what you ask… But be careful if the sync gets out of whack - i.e. it fails to sync properly when you end a session on one machine and then you play on another and have progress in two places… This kind of thing happens often with Steam Cloud saves - not just with Last Epoch…

Alternatively, you can not use Steam Cloud and manually copy files - everything is in the following folder on Windows.

C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games

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