Character gone after power outage

I was playing with one of my characters and the power went out. After a while it came back, I rebooted the PC and started playing again with the same character. This happened overall around 4 times in 5 hours. Now the power has been on for a while so I thought I’d play some more. My character is gone. The others are there. 1 in online and 7 in offline. The 8th one is gone. Just gone. Please help.

Edit: I looked in my saves folder and there are files for 8 characters, numbered from 0 to 7. Does that help? Does the game fail to read the file for one of those characters maybe?

Edit #2: I tried deleting all the files named 1CHARACTERSLOT_BETA_0 - 1CHARACTERSLOT_BETA_7 (along with their .bak counterparts), except the first one, to see if it is my first character (which is the one that has disappeared). I deleted numbers 1 through 7 and started the game only to find all 7 characters still there. Went back to the save files and saw them all there. Did Steam just replace all the files that had been deleted? Can I stop it from doing that to proceed with my test?

Edit #3: Ok so I’ve disabled Steam Cloud synching and found out that 1CHARACTERSLOT_BETA_1 is the save file of the missing character. The game just doesn’t seem to be able to read it. There’s a 1CHARACTERSLOT_BETA_1_temp file, which the game does read and it indeed is my character, but it’s quite old. Is the .bak file something like a backup that I can use to see is if it is readable?

Update: Ok so I just deleted “.bak” from the file’s name and confirmed. The character is loaded perfectly well and everything is normal. I’d like to leave this here to potentially help someone in the future. Lost characters might be recoverable if the .bak file is intact.

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