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Character drifts to the left after a Echo Run everytime and low background music

like the title says character drifts to the left after a Echo run in rifts and most areas the background music is so low even have everything turn up and barely hear the background music but everything else is loud.

You unfortunately havent really provided much information for anyone to try and replicate these issues.

Please can you include the player.log immediately after a playsession where this happens. Your Le_graphicsmanager.ini and the output of a dxdiag report (or similar if not using Windows).

Not entirely sure my understanding of character drifting is the same as yours - do you mean the character just moves on its own to the left of the screen when you dont touch the controls /mouse? Could it be something to do with the input - are you using m&k or controller? Have you attempted to see if its unique to one kind of input or not?

I dont recall anyone mentioning background sound problems before - do you have any non-default sound setup? e.g. something special for streaming or music creation that could be involved? Have you tried this on multiple different sound output devices to check if its not specific to one device?

In the meanwhile - as these are odd issues, please can you make sure you Verify the Game files if you are using Steam (to make sure the install is ok). Make sure that you GPU drivers are recent (and considering the problem description, Sound & input device drivers too) and make sure there are no OS patches that need to be installed (check optional ones for drivers etc)… Also be sure not to run anything else while testing LE - specificially to see if anything else could be involved.

everything is up to date and i don’t use steam. I just use my headphones for the game and in no other way have i had issues with any other sound anywhere.launcher-log.txt (25.9 KB) let me know if this is it.

The launcher-log.txt is just the Standalone launcher log - it contains nothing other than the standalone launcher update info - zero info that could explain your problems.

The player.log, le_graphicsmanager.ini files are in the same folder tree, just one folder up in the LastEpoch folder. The dxdiag report, is saved from running dxdiag on your system. See

Just a side note while you find those files.

I dont work for EHG and just help out here in my spare time. Usually successfully. I feel its important to note this because its very likely going to take more than a sentence or two replies from you to try and troubleshoot the issue. I dont recall anyone having similar issues so whatever is going on, is likely to be very specific to your setup and that means blanket statements like “everything is up to date and i don’t use steam” are not very useful. Key here would be to either “fix” the issue or troubleshoot it down to a likely cause that the devs can attempt to replicate… they cannot fix anything if they cannot replicate it… and this is likely going to take some effort from your side too…