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Character disappeared from Account after game crash during loading screen

I was loading the M’* Catacombs zone from a teleport. The game crashed after 1 minute of loading without any message. When I relogged into my account after restarting the game, there was no character. I then created another character with the same name, to see if it ws just a visual bug on my end. But apparently the character just completely got removed from the database. Character name was “God” on the Softcore Ladder (level 34 or 35).

Sorry to hear about that! If you have another crash, make sure to upload your log file. Patch 0.7.0b may mitigate the crash you experienced, or you can try lowering your Master Quality while we work on a fix.

I actually realized that not only my character disappeared from the account, but the account got completely wiped (no items in stash and no affixes).

I rerolled the next day and have experienced no crashed during loading screen ever since. I really enjoy the game - aside from the performance issues. Keep up doing the good work. Ima try to help where i can :smiley:

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