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Character Deleted

Okay was implementing a loot filter for my char and after saving the filter I closed the menu and for whatever reason the game no long let me access the escape menu or options at all, tried reloading area/going back to town, ect. and nothing eventually forcing me to resolve to alt f4 since there was no other choice. When i relaunched my character and its gear was no longer there. I had some extremely rare gear in my inventory at the time so I’m currently beyond F****** livid and almost just uninstalled the game on the spot.

seriously losing an lp3 piece of gear that my character actually needed for the build and having it brick because of a menu glitch and that for whatever inconceivable reason this game doesnt auto save… just holy ******** balls im extremely tilted.


this isnt the first time this has happened to me just the first time i’ve had gear I gave a damn about get lost. Anytime i make a new char if I dont actually leave the game from the escape menu at least once, that char will not register or save. Have to actually leave the game properly with the message “progress will be saved” in order for it to actually save that characters existence… after thats occurred once it doesnt seem to matter as far as i can tell. Please for the love of god, when you make a new character and hit that enter game button BOOOM save file created. enter a new zone BOOM save file updated!

Hi there,

I’m really sorry, however, it isn’t possible for us to retrieve save data stored locally if it is lost or becomes corrupted. The game does utilize Steam’s Cloud Save function. While we can make no promises, you may wish to try retrieving the saved files there.

Such problems won’t occur for server-side multiplayer characters, which will be implemented in Patch 0.9.

I know how much this may discourage you from playing the game, and I truly am very sorry that it has happened to you.

Kind regards,

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