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Character deleted after update

Was playing earlier on my main, a lvl 26 mage and came back about 6h later and it poofed. All my other low characters are listed but my most prized gem, a cold orb sorc very reminiscent of the D2 equivalent, is missing. Please help >:(

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I just lost my newest lvl 90 toon, and every single bank tab i had acquired for over a year. As in every single item i stored including leveled legendaries down to the smallest idols. I hope someone is listening and reading this because if no one can reply and help then I am going to be done with this.

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Hey there… @Rayzehades @bdlyons

All savegames and stash contents are stored in files local to your machine (on windows in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games).

There are no character wipes or anything done by EHG during updates…

The only way what you are describing can happen is if something happened to the local files on your system. Ie… the files where moved, corrupted, reverted to an older version, you changed username/login, reinstalled your machine etc…

If you used Steam Cloud, then its also possible that Steam Cloud sync messed up and reverted your savegames to whatever it has as the primary savegame files etc in your Steam Remote Storage (you can check this via a webbrowser by logging into the Steam website - not app). If Steam has a backup of your older progress files then you should be able to restore it.

If the files were corrupted, then you can look in the savegame folder for _temp versions of the same files and swap them for the active (non_temp version) to see if those will load. Savegames can get corrupted for any number of reasons… if the game crashed, wasnt shutdown properly or even if Steam cloud sync messed up… Corruption is unfortunately a possibility with Beta/Early access games and I personally recommend manual backups to prevent this causing any serious issues.

EHG has no access to your saves or files and has no copies of these files either…

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