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Character Creation Options

Currently love the game so far however one thing I would like to see added to the game is some for of character customization when creating your character such as being able to change hair style, skin color and hopefully gender as well such as being able to play as a female Primalist. That is the one thing this game is missing and if added I hope it would be quite detailed similar to games like Lost Ark.

Gender has been discussed before, many times. It’s too resource intensive to be a priority for the full launch of the game.

As for the other customization options, that feature always confuses me. Especially in a game like this, most of the common customizable features of a human(oid) character - things like hair, face, eyes, skin - are things you’re almost never going to see except on the character selection screen, just because of the camera angle alone, and once you factor in armor you’re even less likely to see it. I never understand why someone would want cosmetic customization in that scenario. Like, what gameplay experience do you get out of having a different hair style when it’s either covered up by a helmet, obscured by tons of visual effects, or otherwise just too far away from the camera to be visually distinct from any other hair style?


First, I would direct you to the largest thread on this topic:

Second, the Official Last Epoch General FAQ discusses this subject and its possibility after launch:

Third, the devs discussed this topic during a recent interview with Twitch streamer Zizaran. The developers mostly reiterate the above, but you can watch it for yourself in this YouTube video – which should start at the relevant section (35:15) of the video. If not, timestamps for all subjects discussed in the video are in the comments.