Character Appearance

Hi devs,

Just a reminder to address the looks (perhaps for 1.0). It’s been brought to your attention many times before, including this tread:


P.S. Otherwise I will not login again

If you need help with logins, that might be best in either bug reports or customer service sections of the website.

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That was not what I meant. This post is about character models design so let’s please focus on that.

What do login issues have to do with character models then?

They are saying that updated character models is a key feature for them and that they won’t be motivated to log back in unless they are updated.

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The OP’s comment about not logging in was that they wouldn’t play the game (or possibly log back into the forums) unless their demands vis-vis the character models were met.

Something about toys being rapidly ejected from a pram?

This thread made me laugh. Thanks all.