Character Appearance Customization Suggestion

I haven’t perused your cash store at length yet, but I’m not overly pleased with the options I’ve seen so far.
I have chatted on the Discord with your devs/community manager and understand that the models are not really made with customization in mind, and that changing that would require a LOT of work that isn’t happening until after release.

What I would like to propose, using the existing models, is a “transmogrification token” system. Add the tokens to the cash shop and let people change the appearance of items they don’t think fit their character to other items that they prefer the appearance of.

I recognize that it would not be feasible to convert the item appearance of a Rogue only item to fit the Primalist model due to the difference in size. But beyond that, I’d love to have more options for customization that would not require a ton of 3d modeling work by the devs.

Yeah, if transmog is not a free feature I’m out. I will happily pay for mtx, especially if I can mix and match those with a transmog system.

So you want the devs to do a load of work (that they don’t have time to do) to implement a not-transmog system because they don’t have time to do the work required to do a transmog system pre-1.0. Is that correct?

Also, it would mean that every skill animation would need to be re-done for every other character model. I don’t know why this is a big thing, but I’m an accountant, so…

Pretty sure most customisation options would require a ton of work (3d or otherwise) by the devs.

They’ve said they want to do a transmog system that’s distinct from the paid mtx system.

Yes, most. That’s why I suggested transmog. That just converts existing clothing to the character’s current clothing. No additional 3d modeling required.

And I’d obviously prefer transmog to be free, as long as the server stays up I’m happy. I don’t mind throwing some coin at the devs from time to time.

I’d assume that it wouldn’t be that simple otherwise they’d have said or just done it.

If an item isn’t dedicated to a specific class, it can be worn by anyone.
Allowing transmog for the above items would NOT require any additional 3d modeling because they all already work with the 5 existing body types/sizes.

Now, I’m not saying that the transmog code itself is simple, I was a server admin, not a programmer, and even if I were a programmer I haven’t seen the source code involved and presume the difficulty of any programming task.

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