Character animations

On release will character animations be less clunky?

The Devs are constantly reviewing and changing things and did an animation pass on some skills semi recently iirc.
To give useful feedback, what animations do you feel are clunky and why do you feel that way?

Like the run walk the classes just look like they came straight out of champions of norath

I am unfamiliar with that game, what gives you said impression? I’ve personally felt there was a lack of feedback and impact to my hits with spells and attacks but I haven’t had an issue with the run. What do you feel is wrong with the movement animations?

Just like the way they character’s shoulders and stuff it’s less than fluid even in Diablo 1 & 2 the run movement was clean I’m not bashing the game I’m loving it I’m just wondering if it’ll end up being more fluid and polished on release

Don’t worry. A lot of people share your feedback including myself.

The devs just got themselves an animation lead. Let’s all wait to see what improvements come down the pipeline :smiley:

Its perfectly fine feedback, but learning to give constructive feedback is helpful since just saying “its bad” doesnt help anyone do anything better. really elaborating on why you feel the way you do or what makes you think that will really help in the future to give actionable feedback.

This may be true when these games were new. Just watch a vid on youtube and you’ll see, that the walking g animations look weird compared to today’s standard.

Did you try the Beastmaster, yet? His animations got an overhaul with the last patch. And they look a lot better than these of other classes right now. So expect them to improve :wink:

So far he’s the only class I haven’t tried yet

Hey all, we’re updating all playable characters animations. Currently reworking mage animations and they’re coming along extremely well with the addition of our new lead animator. Hoping we can wrap up the changes before 0.7.8 so we can get them in your hands and show you the new level of quality we’re aiming for for all classes


Amazing, can’t wait to have a look at that.

And can we have a estimation for at least a preview of 7.8? :smiley:

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