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Char creation bug?

Not really sure what happened
I’m not sure if I pressed the create char button or not, but right after I hit HOME button, and DELETE wanted to see what it’ll tell me about duplicate names
And then this happened, no interface, can’t access menus.


that’s what i had in my char list after

HOME button seems to cause this, pressed again, and it happened again.

Thank you for the report!

Could you please post your system information?

If you haven’t started the game client again since, the log file would also be very helpful.

Says sry, new users can’t upload files.
can’t post the raw text either, limited to 32k chars, where is my diag is 56k, and i’m not going to count 31k to split it.

Could you upload it to something like We’re looking into ways to improve the new user experience without letting in spambots, sorry about that!

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