Chapter 1's purple enemies + purple/grey background

Heyo! I love the graphics and lighting in Last Epoch. Let me just say that right off the bat. I really like the lighting and how it plays off of character and enemy models. Optimization in multiplayer patch was also really good, so I can run the game on maxed settings.

This has only highlighted to me all the more how poor of an introduction the void is in terms of art direction. It introduces purple enemies with purple projectiles in a purple world. They’re also really dark, and you can’t see their cool designs. And some of these enemy designs are REALLY COOL. I have to hover over them so they get an outline for me to really see them though. And yes, my brightness is turned up.

Are there plans to add some brighter colours or glowy bits to enemies in the future? I think the contrast would look amazing against the dark backgrounds of the Ruined Era. I don’t need it to be a neon mess, just enough so I can make out key features of each enemy. Things like the blue raptor tails or green leaves of the skittering undergrowth from the Ancient Era.

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The contrast against background is actually something problematic in other environments as well (some of the lighter stuff hides UI like the minimap, for example.)

But the void areas and creatures are definitely the biggest culprit. If you get the mono arena dock area with void enemies the background is so dark you sometimes can’t see anything.

Totally agree, they’ve done some really wonderful re-designs on the void enemies. I’d love to see some of this contrast issue better turned both for playability and because they’re really cool to look at. :smiley:

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I just did a monolith node on dockside arena, and it was absolutely beautiful. I love the outdoor daytime areas. I think I’d love the void areas too if there was just one more colour thrown in. The forge area has orange enemies on a purple background and that pops pretty well.

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