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Channeling spells and instant cast interaction

I have been playing Warpath with devouring orb and I think that while using a channeling spell if another spell is triggered while holding down the channeled spell the game should stop it to cast the other spell and resume the channel by itself, it feels pretty clunky when you have multiple spells to cast and have to time in and out the channel.

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One thought comes to mind regarding your suggestion: often your survivability depends on you channeling, e.g. when you spec into the two hand blocking nodes or have a leech build. So if I’m in the middle of a big mob, it might be disadvantageous to interrupt the channeling. Not sure how decisive this would be though

I mean, i still have to stop channeling to cast Devouring orb or Anomaly, my suggestion is simply that if i am still holding down the key to which i binded my channeling skill the game should resume the channeling when the casting animation for Devouring orb or Anomaly ends.
Right now let’s say i have Warpath on Q and devouring orb on W, i have to press Q to start channeling, then remove my finger from the Q, press W and then start pressing Q again.
With my suggestion you would press Q to channel and while still pressing Q you could simply press W while Channeling Q and have a single cast of Devouring orb going off and when the animation for Devouring orb ends it would instantly resume using Warpath.

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Maybe they could add a node or passive to make abilities instant cast while channeling.

I dont know, they should add that to every class and it would be a must have for any channeling build, it should be a basic feature i think.

I generally think that not all skills should be instant cast baseline.

For some skills it should require some investment (in this case some skill spec tree point)to make them instant cast.

While you could see it as QoL/level of smoothness, it’s also making builds more powerful.

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i know i didn’t express myself clearly, i don’t mean that the cast should be instant, but that skills with a single cast or instant cast skills should be qued with channeling so that you can keep pressing the channel skill, read my explanation above.

Ah yeah that would be a QoL improvement for sure.

FYI you can actually use instant skills already while channeling, without interrupting the channel.