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Channeling skills and casting restrictions

As a new player and the fact that I’ve spent countless hours theory crafting a build just to find out it doesn’t work is really disheartening. While I’m channeling warpath, I realized that I can’t cast devouring orb and had to stop in order to cast it. This disruption to the flow of gameplay is really clunky and makes my build unplayable. I’m not sure if other channeling skills have the same restriction but I think that everyone should have the ability to cast/activate skills while you’re channeling. I hope that this get implemented in the next patch or so as it really is affecting my playstyle and gameplay experience to a large extent right now. Fixing this will also allow for more channeling skill build diversity and improve warpath’s playability.


I can understand the frustration.

And some build definitely can feel a bit clunky.

But this behaviour is not completely unexpected. Since Devouring Orb does have a Cast Time.

You can actually use “Instant” skills, while “channeling”.

Devouring Orb having a Cast Time baseline is totally fine i think, but a common complain/suggestion is, that Devouring Orb should offer a Instant Cast Node within it’s skill tree. Some other skills, that have a cast time baseline can get the instant cast already (usually accompanied by a mana cost and/or cooldown)

I am of two minds how I should react to OP.

It is one thing to bring up suggestions about how the game can be improved and allow for greater build diversity. It is another thing to say “I have put in the effort. So my build must be playable.” The whole point of theorycrafting is that sometimes you land on a great idea, and at other times, you don’t. The game doesnt own it to you for your efforts to be rewarded.

I honestly didn’t know that devouring orb having a cast time is a common complain/suggestion. Glad to know that I’m not the only one with a problem with it. I do agree that having it offer a way to make it instant is one solution to tackle it.

Well I might have framed it incorrectly but the point I’m trying to bring across isn’t about the effort I put in but by my surprise that devouring orb isn’t working with warpath as I (incorrectly) assumed since other ARPGs I’ve played with similar skill worked that way so I ended up being frustrated that this was actually something that I would encounter after getting the skill.