Channeling question

Does anyone know how many ticks/hits per second lightning blast does when channeled (insidious connection), and how base damage per tick compares to base damage for a non-channeled cast?

Also, are other channels that hit going to work the same way, or do they all behave uniquely?

The damage per tick would be the same.

Thanks llama. In case anyone else is interested, I seem to be getting around 8 ticks per second, but my testing capability isn’t very good.

Both Elemental Nova and Fireball also have have channeled Nodes, which do a fixed rate of casts/sec and they deal the exact same dmg as the non-channeled version.

You basically only sacrifice the scaling of cast speed with those.

The only exceptions to this is Flurry, from Rogue, this can be transormed into a channeld bow attack, which does scale with attack speed.
This is the only channeled skill in the game currently that scales fo attack/cast speed i am aware of.

Warpath also scales with attack speed.

Oh yeah, you are right, but that’s even explained in the tooltip.

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