Channeled skill(disintegrate) locking

I keep getting channeling disintegrate, and when I release the button, it continues t o display the graphic as if it’s still casting, though it does no damage. This continues until I use another skill, which stops it. Just figured i’d let you guys know about this in case nobody has yet.

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This happens with warpath as well.

I don’t know about Disintegrate, but what I have seen for Warpath:

It gets “locked”, pretty much all the time, when I do a quick burst without hitting any enemy. If I hit enemies, it almost never happens.

While locked, it still does normal damage. (It can actually be quite convenient, button-free permanent attack.)

It is, like many others, an online-only problem. Never seen it getting locked offline, although I tried to reproduce.

That’s a known issue with tapping a channelled skill.


Yeah, I’ve had it happen to me with shield rush a few times. It will make the animation for a couple seconds and then teleport me across the room.

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Iv seen the same with shield rush

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This happened to me with a warpath build, so I looked it up and saw this thread. It became so inconvenient that I just gave up on that build and began another build, only to have the same problem with flurry. Can someone please look into this and resolve it? I mean, I’m not trying to be a jerk, and I understand that you are likely very busy prepping for release, but it’s a problem affecting multiple channeled skills, and it makes them almost unusable, or at least very annoying to use.