Channel spell can't turn around

I try my luck here cause opening ticket doesn’t give answer.

As a gamepad user i can’t turn channel spell. To
be more accurate, the spell jump from a mob to an other without a smooth rotation you can attack everyone but it feel really weird, close to cheat cause in less than 0.00001 sec you can attack front then +99° degree top mob then -180 degree mob.

Anyway to fix it ? It looks like there is an auto target with gamepad. Can we turn it of ?

No, currently there is no way to turn it off or make it less aggressive. To turn around in cases where you don’t “snap” to the next target, you have to stop channeling for a moment. This feels a bit awkward, but may work for you.

Yeeeet hope it will be fix soon. I didnt notice it previously when i played month ago. What a shame thanks for the answer

Most channeling spells are bugged since forever, wait for 1.0.