Changing Terrain Quality Does Not Load New Textures

I noticed while changing graphics settings that if I switch between the Terrain Quality set by my Master Quality preset at the top of the options and some other Terrain Quality, the terrain graphics do not change at all. While watching my VRAM usage, the percentage stays the same before and after changing Terrain Quality. If I instead change the Master Quality preset (which would also change my Terrain Quality), then the terrain graphics update and my VRAM usage will also change.
I can’t tell visually as easily, but other graphics settings might not be applying as well when changed in the individual settings.

My PC specs are:
Intel Core i5-8600k
Gigabyte RTX 3070 8GB
1440p 165Hz Display
Windows 10 22H2
NVIDIA Driver Version 527.56

Here’s a link to 3 screenshots showing my terrain, settings, and VRAM usage.


Having a similar issue I also reported. I have my graphics set to ultra and only some stuff is ultra quality. Something wonky might be going on with Nvidia drivers maybe? Other than windows OS, its the only thing you and I have in common.