Changing factions from CoF to MG & how I feel about Merchants Guild

Hello everyone,

I’ve put a decent amount of hours in patch 1.0 and I would like to share some of my opinions about changing factions and merchants guild.

I started the cycle playing Circle of Fortune HC and it was a blast. Loved CoF. No issues there. Eventually I died (To a bug, totally not my fault btw! :innocent:) and because of the server issues didn’t want to reroll and kept going with the same character on softcore, still on CoF.

At some point I wanted to reroll and play another class and decided to try Merchants Guild. And that’s when I realized most items I found on my CoF character required CoF ranks. So now I have like 30 tabs filled with items I basically can’t use on my new character.

That feels like a big issue to me. If I really want to go Merchants Guild this cycle Ill have to create a category to dump all my CoF items there and pay 250k-300k gold for every new tab I use for my MG drops or delete all my items with CoF requirement to free up space for the MG drops.

Changing from CoF to MG really feels like starting from zero with extra work (Dealing with all those items Ive hoarded on my stash tabs and now I cannot use). Why not making faction choice permanent at this point?

I even tried to slam a LP2 unique that required no CoF ranks with an exalted that required no CoF ranks and the result requires level 5 CoF.

Moving on to Merchants Guild, I believe it could benefit from some changes especially how you level up and what benefits you get from ranks. I see two main issues there:

  1. Early cycle is when I believe the market should be hot, and that wont happen with the way its currently designed. No one has the ranks required to buy most items but you can sell everything, driving the price of valuable uniques with LP down simply because there are no buyers.

  2. The way you level up is by spending favour, just like in CoF. The most effective way of spending favour and therefore increasing your rank is by buying whatever costs the most favour and less gold. So in the end you are buying a bunch of items you don’t need and won’t use, just to level up your faction rank so you can buy the items that really matter. Dr3adful released a video a couple weeks ago talking about this and how he leveled his MG rank to 8 fast. To me that feels like a design flaw.

That’s it. Sorry for the wall of text :sweat_smile:.

Stay safe. Don’t die like I did.

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I agree, its why i am essentially stuck on CoF as i am on ignite warlock, the most gear dependent build in the game, with no progress when MG has the items i need for sale for like 100k and each piece is 3lp. May be fasfer for to delete my CoF warlock, make a MG warlock, go all way to 100, and it still be faster then going up to corruption 800, and farm for 10000 hours

Not going to do that, cause i am just hoping i get rep 10, 100 before end of season and buy legenderies from CoF merchant directly. Seems my only way to progress. To dig out of a hole, i must dig deeper

You can just switch factions…


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If he switches faction like you suggested he will have a naked character since all his current gear requires CoF ranks.

And thats not all, as I tried to explain most items on his stash are also tied to CoF. Taking all stash space and useless once you switch factions.

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All of it? I pick up lots of gear that isn’t faction-restricted. Seems funny that his stash is completely empty, and he can’t craft anything. But hey, at least he can yell about it like a petulant child.

Here, I’m going to go ahead and change factions on my lvl 95 character, just to see how IMPOSSIBLE IT IS< BWECUATSE ITS DODWISNSNT WURKSNNS THATKSJ WAIZE!!@#@$(*@EEDSDS

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Stash prices are about to go down by 50% or more. Regardless of that - Dread also talks about how he only has 3 stash tabs. You don’t need to save anything, as you’re buying what you need or listing what you want to sell. If you do want to store something, he simply lists it at a super high price for ‘free’ infinite storage space.

My build is exclusively uniques, and i dont think uniques can drop without a faction tag and i burn all my gear for temporal sanctum, so i have no gear without tags. There are gear items with no item level like Firestarter torch.

I’m in CoF and lots of my stuff isn’t tagged. The only items with CoF tags are items you would get through CoF that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

  • Prophecy rewards
  • Rares converted to exalted
  • Exalted items resulting from CoF rolls
  • Bonus drops
  • Uniques from Runes of Ascendance
  • Etc

The only thing all my stuff has in common is that they can’t be traded.

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