Changing Class Specialization Is BRUTAL

I slogged through the campaign again to change my class specialization and I found out the hard way that my fully upgraded Monolith is reset for every character. That’s so much grind, my god.

Please make a way to make this process less devastating. Its the same build I just want some other passives, yeesh

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I kinda do think that monos should unlock on an account wide basis instead of a character wide basis


Thanks for the warning.

I was saying this earlier in another thread as well.
I like the LE campaign a lot, but my gods, it’s longer to play through than PoE’s and at least in PoE once you make Atlas progression on one char, it’s shared across all.

Doing the campaign again and unlocked empowered monos again and idol slots on every character feels rather punishing, on top of general time-consuming just to enjoy end game on an alt.


No way man. I wish POE’s dumpster campaign were as short (and also actually interesting) as LE’s currently is.

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In case you’re not aware of this: You can enter monolith as soon as you have access to the end of time if im not mistaken, yup you will be severly underlevel, however i say that cause a lot of people seems to forget that. Most of my rerolls enters monolith early-mid 40s if they have a good enough build to either survive or kill fast. Then when i feel like it i speedrun the MSQ to get that +1 all attributes (depends if my build is attribute reliant or not, i know i forgot it on a char i cant remember which one lol)

It can be annoying to most i guess, but learning which side quest gives you idols slots and passives points is a massive timesave and let you skip most of sidequests (you can also use if needed until you can route your campaingn yourself).
To speedup the leveling process make sure you have a somewhat generic filter for each type of builds (minion, spell, melee, DoT, specific dmg type and so on) that will ensure you dont spend too much time gearing until really needed. Something else you can do is prepare a bunch of low level uniques that can help your build, like Prism Wraps for elemental builds, Doublet of Onos Tull for minion (the bleed is stupid strong early on even with no scaling) etc. As respecing is extremely easy within a mastery, make use of popular leveling builds if your main damage skill is far in the leveling process (you can find leveling build guides on Maxroll or Last epoch tools very easily.

Last tip i can give : dont kill mobs that arent mandatory for progression, being 3-5 levels under is fine, make use of your potions and learning map layouts can help as well but its pushing the thing a bit far, you’ll most likely learn it as you go after few chars.

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In my case I learned how to make simple filters quickly and modify them fast.

the in game tool is really one, if not the best ive seen in an ARPG ngl its fairly quick to get the hang of it by messing around with it for a bit

Really? You sure that’s not just having many years of having to play through PoE’s campaign 3 times to get to maps?

Campaigns are interesting for the first few time I play through them then the interest starts to wain.

Huh? Poe’s is way longer than LE’s, even if you compare times of people zooming, PoE’s, which has had way more time put into figuring out how to go as fast as possible, isn’t remotely close to the speed LE’s is down to. Both casual and non casual, LE is a much quicker campaign than PoE.


exactly this imo. Iam glad LE atleast has an option to enter endgame trough mono earlier

Totally agree, but IMO even at baseline POE’s campaign, setting, and story are and have always been equal parts trainwreck, wall-spaghetti, drug trip, and high school creative writing contest entry. LE’s is going to stop being interesting for me from repetition eventually but it’s neat and they do neat things with the theme and setting.

Story lines are intresting up to the point I say “Bah that cringe F this!” and I run through on autopilot. That starts when I find the near dead dude in the tutorial zone who’s talking about the gal and the shard. Son’t ask me what happens later on beauase this was already to much considering I watched the guy 30 minutes and he didn’t die and I still have a full belt of potions that would raise the guys hp from 0 to hero.

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PoE story overall isn’t the great, in campaign. However, I love the lore for individual characters if you take the time to stop and read/listen to them all. Gemling Queen + Malachi background was pretty well done, and a lot of them have great voice acting.

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And it’s still better than the shitshow that was D3’s campaign and writing.

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