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Changes to dark quiver

Hi dark quiver feels like an fun and intresting skill. But it feels like it has som problems and clunky playstyle whit shoot one arrow walk to next and shoot a new arrow rinse and repeat.

wuldent it be better if you have a node that let you store arrows but as a payof mby reduce the dmg a bit. feels like the node until dawn culd have the storage capabilty insted of spawning random arrows. or mby make it so the arrow has more uses then just one shoot before you needt o find another one. rest of tree feels fun and intresting thx to it has synergie whit every skill for marksman.

dont know about you if this culd make the skill more isntresting or if some other changes culd be better then the two i sugested.

Agreed, maybe storing 3 arrows maximum via a node in the skill tree would negate the current clunky playstyle.

To me it’s a loss of DPS to walk to one arrow then shoot an empowered bow attack then walk to another compared to constantly firing at a decent attack speed. The only exception to this is maybe Hail of Arrows where you can afford to fetch an arrow before firing a 3.5 seconds spell.