Changes/Suggestions/Quality of life

-cutscene- small in number but still annoying, an option to skip them.

-stat list/active spell tool tip- this is a no brainer, there are spells such as echo chance of the VK that you cannot keep track unless you manually count and add the passives up, as for the spell tool tips, some of the spells that activate upon certain circumstances aren’t tracked anywhere, I would like to have a clear representation of all my active spells.
-as a side one here I would love you to add the class name on items that are specific to a class.

-respec/talent tree-
There is this interaction that won’t allow you to remove early node points unless you give up on the respective path and remove all “post early node points”.

-I do believe it to be an easy one, at the respec master make it as a complete add and subtract points that are simply saved at the end accompanied by the total cost, this solves the constant shuffle between the respec menu and passive tree with a single point to spend.

Here are two points I want to tackle. It is apparent that you know how to animate and add powerful and correct sounds to some spells.
-Firstly the big distinction of the good and bad spells, as an example the mage’s glacier, it is a truly amazing ability, but on the other side of the spectrum are abilities like mana strike and acolyte’s harvest. They just do not feel right, not pleasing to look at.

-here I’d like to suggest a revamp or some frame work to specific abilities but I have little to no knowledge in this topic so I’ll stop here.
-as for the second point, the passive active abilities visibility it’s horrible. I can hardly tell if an ability even activates, let alone notice it in combat

-here again I do not know, but making the animations larger or different in look and or color should help with this problem.


having done my first arena put me close to a panic attack the massage “smash the barrels to receive loot” put me into confusion for I was not being able to locate any barrels and I had the impression of having lost the loot.

-easiest fix is clearly to make the massage close automatically if you have smashed the barrels already.
-another is to make the barrels stand out and/or make their destruction stand out more trough visual and audio feedback to the player
-one would be to make barrels chest like, therefore only opened by the player click.

-overworld chests-
It’s funny I personally don’t find any difference between a chest and a mob. They most likely have the same drop rate and same drop pool.
Actually the only difference is the scarcity of the chests, which makes it a disappointing event every time I go out of my way to open one.

-easiest is just increasing the drop rate of chest considering there are few in number compared to mobs.
-one other way is to modify the loot table and add exclusive rewards to chests only.
-other way would be simply the removal of said “disappointment box”
-lastly is making the chest hunting truly an event:(-adding out of way areas that have chests

  • reducing current amount of chests and improving tables.
    -adding treasure maps accompanied by hidden treasure.)

I sometimes simply lose the sight and control of my cursor
-I’d simply suggest different color plus sizes added to the cursor in settings.

-Spell bar-
often I click and remove and or change the spells on my bar usually making them occur the cooldown and being at a disadvantage.
-a button that will lock/make the spell bar uninteractable

The chests: I was going to make a suggestion that the gold halo around them be bigger and brighter because I have trouble seeing them on the screen, and I would still like to see that.

But… I see your point. I have opened more than one chest only to have zero loot drop from it. I have no filters; it was just empty, and that’s just sad.

The sparkly gold chests really ought to have a minimum loot drop with a chance for bigger and better. No one should open a golden chest and get nothing. No one should open ANY chest and get nothing, even if it’s just a tiny pile of gold.

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Using a town portal can mess up the chests in the level too. After returning from a TP all chests has only a few golds and rarely some white items.

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