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Changed pc …. Where are my char?

Hi all, i created and played two chars in the last months, now I changed pc and downloaded the game again. My old char are not available. My question is: are chars pc linked and not account linked? If yes is it possible to move chars between pc’s? Thanks for an answer.

All your characters are still on your old pc, you’ll need to copy them across (or have steam cloud saves enabled, but it’s likely a bit late for that.

C:\Users[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\Saves\

After copyng your files, when you confirmed they work well, consider enabling Steam synchronization. This way, Steam will backup your files each time you play.

You’ll also need to grab all your old loot filters (if you had any) as well.

Many many thanks for you replies :blush:

Also, until the game becomes server based it is not a bad idea to make regular backups of your entire Last Epoch folder, not only the Saves folder. That will save all your filters, graphics settings, and characters etc in case of something odd happening like a crash killing everything.

Personally I take a quick copy/paste of that folder a few times a day, just in case. I then store the last 3-5 of them in case I need to revert back to one.

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I do this with any game that has “Early Access” or “Beta” anywhere near it… sometimes even with well established games too, but thats just me being pedantic and hate losing hundreds of hours of progress…

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