Change to LP System

As much as i like the current LP crafting system i think that there are limitations like a Legendary item being a unique(pre defined item) with more stats on it and that’s not really great for diversity because the base(unique item) is pre defined(of course we’ll have more options to work with in the future but we’re always limited to plus stats this way) As of RN depending on your rolls and luck you can use a OP legendary to make a weak build work, you can even push a already good build even further but there’s no much potential besides that when diversity is in play. Having the opportunity to extract unique affixes would really change things around.

New LP idea: Works in the same way but now you can extract affixes from another unique item, bringing the opportunity to extract more game changing affixes.

Exemple: Like for a Shuriken based BD you could potentialy have to option to craft a LP smoke weaver and get fulgurite affixes on the smoke weaver or vice versa :smiley:

Sounds interesting on first glance, but will fall flat.

Uniques are designed and balanced with their item slot in mind.
Which ones can be combined or wielded together.(dual wielding capabilities or non-competing slots)

Your idea would lead to specific uniques needing to be nerfed or adjusted because of specific edgecases.

The legendary system is already giving us way more build diversity and customization compared to any similar game using similar rarities.

I don’t think we should overdo this.


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