Change to cast Avalanche Boulder on nearest enemy on spell cast IDOL not working in Spriggan form

I’m still very new to this game so I’m sorry if this is not a bug.
I got an idol that should have an 11% to cast an Avalanche boulder on nearest enemy on spell cast. I am doing a Spriggan totem build and it’s not proccing on cast while in form but outside of it I can see it working.
I hope this is just a silly bug cause the idea of the idol is pretty cool.

edt: So is the reason this wont work because casting totem does not count as a spell?
I would think words like using a skill/casting a spell would mean any thing on action bar.
Please just close this if that is the case.

Another question: Since I’m playing the exploding totems build, does the poison nova not count as a casted spell? There is no “manually casted” on the avalanche boulder idol.


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