Change the way left click works when dealing with UI/pick up item and move on same keybind

when I play these kinds of games, I really like to put move on mouse scroll, and put a spell on left click. That way it’s easier to control my character’s movement in crowded and dense situations.

the thing is, with last epoch, the way it works right now, when you hover over the spell bar and left click to move your spells around, or try to pick something up, you HAVE to use the left mouse button, and it’ll cast whatever spell you have on it every time. it gets kind of annoying.
the other issue I face is that if there’s an item on the ground, when i click it, i cast the spell first, then my character moves to the item before picking it up.

I request two things

  1. have a setting where pick up item is binded to move.
  2. disable left click action when interacting with UI elements.

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