Change in parasites/exploding zombies?

I play a fire wraith build with exploding zombies as a heavy second, and sometimes first damage, minion build.
Since patch there have been the following changes I have noticed not in patch notes:
zombies went from a possible 6 total (which was working great) to 10 total zombies.
Parasites went from having up to 60 at a time (If I was sitting and spamming dread shade on zombies) to 10-12 parasites at most.

This has been difficult now because I use the parasites to generate ward.
Also, if I was to be completely honest I thought this would get nerfed…but when patch notes came out I was really really happy to have a few more months with this character (I like to max out end level character content). Now though it appears that it is literally 1% as effective at generating ward in the way that I was (spamming dread shade on parasites and zombies, generating more parasites and generating massive amounts of ward).

Was this meant to happen? I guess I would be surprised that it wouldnt be in the patch notes.

Please, someone quell my heavy heart and tell me this was not intentional and will be fixed.

Otherwise I love the new dungeons and my wraiths and staff look incredible!

Thank you!

I can see that these skill bug reports , in general, do not get directly addressed by anyone from EHG.
My #11 on the arena leaderboard character is toast with nothing in the patch notes and not likely getting an explanation. I’m big time disappointed. I tend to play one character for a long time and this was the one. All the time and effort seems wasted now. EHG…I love you guys. I even watch your dev streams all the way through to make sure I have an understanding of whats happening here. I am a dedicated everyday player. I hit #11 on the leaderboard the day before patch dropped. Imagine showing back up excited about your new wraith models etc only to find you can now only generate 1% of the ward you could before…gutting your character and no information. Feels very unfair.

EHG may not respond to every post but they do see them… When new patches drop they have less time to respond because they are usually busy fixing bugs and other issues that the patch caused but they do generally see the errors that people post here…

If you want a more direct and faster response then I would suggest you login to the Discord Server and ask the devs directly if the number of Parasites is meant to have dropped from 60 to 12…

Thank you, I had not thought of that. I am old, used to use discord way back in the day but I have not used it in years. I had posted here in an effort to get a direct response but I’ll go there and try now as well.
I understand that I can just make another build but I have 4 characters at level 100 and truly this was my golden goose so to speak.
Seems silly this is such a dramatic, unexpected, change to the mechanics of my particular build. I would also venture to imagine that I was the only person playing this character in the way that I had figured out. So maybe they didnt think anyone would notice?

Also, I will apologize for making a big deal out of something that appears to only effect me. I understand it would be low priority to help one person when there are scores of other issues to fix for the masses. Gotta say though…its not making me want to hang in here.

No problem… There are lots of people asking things that they are passionate about… there is usually no judgement - definitely not from the devs… Just post something in the ask-the-devs -not-support section & MikeW or one of the other EHG devs are likely to respond within a day or so - not sure on weekends tho, but they usually watch things closely after a patch to catch any game breaking things so they are likely to be around.

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I did post my build in the acolyte section of the last epoch discord (Necromancer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.5) - Last Epoch Build Planner) and mike did reach out saying this:
Hi @DevilsDevils , lots of stuff here, I haven’t had a chance to check it all out and figure out exactly what happened. All I can say for sure is that there were no intentional stealth changes.

What I think is that either the changes were unintentional due to a bug or just a mistake or the patch note just got missed.

The only time we do stealth changes is if we have added something special to find. For example, the alternate names for potions easter egg.

So there it is. I figured out there was a 40% decrease in ward generation with dread shade but that doesnt explain the parasites and zombie differences. I am happy to have been addressed though as that is all I wanted and I am still enjoying my build even though it is no longer going to be a contender for end game arena.

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Hello Devildevil,

We apologize but there was a correction made to 8.5 Patch Notes today adding an update to Dread Shade that was accidently left out.

Dread Shade’s Beyond Death now only raises a single Volatile Zombie (previously used Volatile Zombie skill tree to determine amount of zombies raised)

This change was to address a Dread Shade interaction that was not intended and addressed in 8.5.

Sorry for the confusion.

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