Chance to shred armor on hit

I can’t find it (chance to shred armor) on my character stats sheet.

Is this an oversight? I would imagine integrating a stat into a game’s core mechanics is the hard part, and listing it on the character’s stat sheet would be the easy part. So my confidence that this stat/affix actually works isn’t high without seeing it somewhere.

As a side note, I couldn’t find stun chance as well, until I found it looking for armor shred in the “Damage” tab of the character sheet. Does stun cause damage? I thought that would definitely be in the Defense tab.


No, it’s just not on the character sheet, quite a few ailments aren’t. Mike is reworking the character sheet to give us all the skill-based info we want.

Increased stun chance is kinda offensive-related since the chance to stun a mob is based on the damage you do, modified by whether it’s a melee hit and any increased stun chance you have.

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There are skills that have stun nodes within the skill tree. As Llama said its amount of damage and the damage source that determines how the stun is applies.

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