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Chance to ignite

Hello guys,

Can someone shed more light on how chance to ignite works.

It’s stated that you can apply multiple instances of ignite on a target, however is there a hard limit on the number of DoTs that you can apply, if yes does this limit apply per DoT effect or a target cannot have more then X amount of DoTs regardless of the DMG type (ignite, poison etc.)

Also I cannot understand the purpose of having more that 100% chance to ignite, poison etc.

If I have 200% will I automatically apply 2 DoT instances?
If not what is the purpose of items like - ?

Kind Regards,

That’s exactly right, to expand on the example, 250% chance to ignite means on each hit you will definitely apply 2 ignites and have a 50% chance of applying a 3rd.

So is there a limit to the number of DoTs?

Can I have 10 stacks of ignite 7 stacks of poison and 5 bleed for example?

A small icon on the GUI showing how much stacks of a DoT we have on monsters will be quite useful.

The lack of basic stat information in this game baffles me… the devs have manage to create an awesome beta and yet there are features missing that are core part of an Alpha.

You can, your FPS may not thank you.

I know a lot of this functionality is coming. Soon™

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Thanks for the response, I can see that the community is awesome and the devs really know that they are doing, this is so strange to me to see a whole core aspect missing.

Cannot wait for the next update.

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I imagine the Devs haven’t focused too much on QoL features because they really have had a short run way to develop everything that you have seen in game now. Note that this beta came just 8 months after their initial alpha launch and that in turn was 3 - 4 months after the conclusion of kickstarter (which bought about 250k usd for them. Its a respectable sum but you really can’t do much with that amount either). Basically, almost everything you see in game came about in the last 1 year or so on a shoestring budget and alot of passion.

Given the time they had, I imagine they had to really focus on implementing systems that can give hardcore arpgs fans a clear sense of what their design concepts are. QoL had to take a backseat knowing that fans who ‘get’ what they are trying to do will understand that QoL will come eventually.

Sometimes I do wish they have more time to polish before pushing out beta, but they are a real indie team with no financial backing so I imagine a successful beta like this really help brings in money that will help them polish the game further.

Like you said, the devs know what they are doing and we have a great community here. So I am really excited to see how much more refined the game will be closer to release in a year :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response Jerle,

I hope that what I wrote didn’t come as a negative remark on the devs side.

To be honest I was not familiar with the game’s history but being able to create such a well done product in such a small time frame deserves respect.

And this should not be taken as an insult to the Wolcen team, but probably this is the best example of knowing what you are doing as Wolcen on the other hand has QoL level of a triple A title, yet it plays only like a marketing product… because there is nothing else there.


No, no. I didn’t get the impression you were negative or disrespectful at all. I think you raised very valid points but I just want to give a bit more context why some of these things which should “obviously” be in place (and you are absolutely right), isn’t there.

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