"Chance To Cast Marrow Shards When You Cast Transplant" Working as Intended?

So I tested this. Get up: Wrongwarp, and donned > 200% chance to cast marrow shards. I’ve some questions. I respecced so that only marrow shards procced bleeding. Went to the dummies.

When I cast Marrow Shards, the dummies bleed as expected.

When I cast transplant, it seems that none of the enemies bleed. There’s also no clear indication that marrow shards has “procced”, except from the sound effects.

There’s also no indication that dummies are being directly hit with marrow shards.

So some clarifications:

  1. Is it working at all? Shouldn’t >100% allow for multiple instances of marrow shards casting?
  2. Is the direction of the marrow shards random? Or does is it cursor based? Or does it seek the nearest enemy?
  3. Does this inherit skill tree characteristics of the skill? Shouldn’t it?
  4. Is all of this “working as intended”?

Thank you!