"% Chance on kill" effects and bonuses should always have "Or #% Chance on rare enemy hit"

It’s all fine when you going through a map and constantly killing enemies.
But when you encounter a boss that is not being accompanied by extra spawning mobs , you will never proc the effect on kill.
I can see that EHG want to make bosses actually BOSSES that have a lot of health (60% less effect of ailments on bosses), but spending point on Passives like Wraith Bringer [Lich] feels like a waste and personally Ill try to avoid these.

I think there is a place for some passive, to have additional investments to make them trigger on rare/boss hit, but i would not like to see this as a baseline mechanic.

In fact there are already a few effects that have this behaviour, most notably the Aspect of the Shark Branch in the Beastmaster Passive Tree, which not only gives it the ability to trigger on rare/boss hit but also to stack.

If every passive would have this behaviour baseline it would be much less interesting.
There would be no choice/consideration.

I do like if you have to choose between AoE/Clear or Single Target/Boss focused stuff.


Less choice? Highly disagree.
Take Putrid Demise for example (Base Acolyte tree), for me it looks like this node was designed for Spirit Plague and no other skill for acolyte.
If you add to Putrid Demise the “and % chance on hit” effect, it will work with Harvest, Hungering Souls and maybe other skills that I haven’t tried yet with Acolyte.
When a pack of monster is DEAD, triggering effect of damage with “on kill” will add very little to your build.
I’ve tried to build Harvest for DoT , and I need as many sources of poison chance. witch this skill does not have (but it’s skilltree simply say’s "You can use me to apply DoTs.)
So if Wraith Bringer and Putrid Demise are on kill and won’t work with harvest, A potential build that I want to play is unplayable, therefore I have less “Choice” of building around it , and it’s better for me to build around Harvest with the intended way of direct Hit Damage or simply play something else.

Why not giving players as many build possibilities as possible? By doing what I suggest, you don’t create any power creep.
You simply make the player feel like he doesn’t waste power.
If a player is unhappy with choosing unviable passives , he’ll put his points in something else without loosing that potential.

Personally every time I see “on kill” I step away because it’s a wasted power on bosses.
Of course that I don’t want the chance of “On Hit” to be the same of “On Kill”, That will make certain things really overpowered obviously.
But every On Kill effect (yes, Every) should have some chance of On Hit.

Why do you say you think Putrid Demise is designed only for Spirit Plague? Any on kill effect will proc from any player skill that kills (not sure if it would trigger from a minion kill, with the possible exception of minion poison kills).

Though I agree with you on the on kill effects being less useful on bosses.

I have always stirred away from on-kill effects, mainly because they are strongest with weak enemies and useless with strong enemies.

They are the most unrealiable source of both damage and damage mitigation.

The usefulness of ‘on kill’ effects highly depends on the situation you are in, as already was stated. So it works nicely in 80% of Arena play where you mostly have a bunch of enemies to kill to trigger the effects for being useful for the next waves.

But if people had the choice, the vast majority would choose ‘on hit’ over ‘on kill’ because it’s useful in any situation where you deal damage. So ‘on kill’ will always be the unloved little brother of ‘on hit’.

What I really don’t like that much are specific nodes like ‘on kill with this skill’. I can’t remember exactly where I saw these (Bone Curse, perhaps?), but I’m certain these are in. And I never came to use this stuff because it’s always on a skill I use as a utility or support skill instead of main damage, so I won’t see this effect proc.

I read somewhere that ‘on kill’ will get some love in the near future.

Bosses should in general have additional monsters spawn as part of the fight too. Rares I’m not worried about, I don’t think it’s common to face them without other monsters around.

There are already bosses with adds,

but as i stated earlier already here, i think not everything needs to be useful in every situation.

I want all kind of different things for different situatiosn and then it becomes interesting to choose what you character excels in.

It’s fine for some bosses to have adds, so on kill effects are usefull, it’s fine to have some “on kilL” effects also being able to trigger on hit for rares/bosses, but i don’t want any of that to become the norm, that would be incredibly boring and homogenizing.

This would make it a generic chance to apply poison node, which makes it not really interesting, but having the effect it currently has, it’s somewhat unique and cool.

If you don’t like that because

That is ok. As i said earlier, not everything needs to be “good” at every situation.

Just because Harvest doesn’t have incredible poison chance on hit in the tree, doesn’t make it bad for any kind of poison build, in fact Harvest is super strogn for both poison and bleed builds, but poison is just a littel harder to scale and does require more investment.

It’s not about “wasting” power. It’s about choices. What do you want to achieve with your build?
Do you want to improve your weaknesses of your build (maybe you have bad AoE projection, so on kill stuff actually is good.

Do you want to further strenghten your single target capabilities, take some “on rare/boss hit” stuff.

As mentioned above, that would homogenize thigsn waaay too much IMO.

I don’t want that at all.

This thread weighs heavily on me.

Ba dum tis

That’s all folks - I’ll be here all week

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