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Challenge: Improve my build (Eartquake/Wearbear/Charge)

Im running a Wearbear, Low Life, Bhuldars wrath, earthquake build based on what I saw from Boardman21s video.

My build Planner
Build planner: Druid, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.1e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

The build is sofar the most powerful build ive played. It clears everything very smoothly and easyiliy through empowered monoliths. only brought it ro 235 waves in arena, but only tried it ones. EQ hits 3 times for each charge and hits the dummy for 100-200k per hit depending on armor shred stacks(upto 30). crits gets upto 400k per hit.

I just charge around in wearbearform proccing 3 initial hits of earthquake each time. The build utilizes chill and stun to make use of multipliers in the skilltrees. I have no mana cost on charge, and can stay in wearbear 100%. I change form every 15 or so monoliths, only to refresh the mana ive spent on roars for bigger mobs.

Im only using wearbear and eartquakes as specialized skills. so i have 3 skillslots open to use for other things… the best ones ive found sofar is ice thorns for a small armor buff now and then and wolfs with howl for a 100% inc damage now and then(they die quite often though).

Build planner: Druid, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.1e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Im looking for feedback on a few things:

How can i utilize my 3 open skill slots the best?
How can i get more Damage?
How can i get more Health/ward?
How can i get more Physical and necrotic resistance?
or anything else you can find to improve the build.

Thankful for all the help.

Disclaimer: I am no druid expert.

I don’t think Chimearas is worth it. It reduces your resistances significantly.
The dmg and MS is cool but a good rare amulet with better implicit would be waaaay better for defenses. Amulet slot is a slot that gives higher resistance values.

If you would replace this unique with a bone amulet you could gain up to 65% necrotic and physical resistance and another 15-25% for all other resistances.

Also you could smash other defensive modifiers on top, like increased health(more ward) or other resistances.

Although the offensive prefixes would probably not be equal to the 160% increased dmg from the unique, a good crafted rare would come close, especially with maybe crit multiplier or penetration.

Yeah ive been thinking about that. the dmg increase is bigger for sure on chimaeras compared to 8 pen and 50 inc phys dmg on an amulet for example. the added resistances is nice. but i dont rly need the other resistances only nec and phys. maybe a bone amulet would let me change a resistance blessing for dmg blessing of some sort.

If you do swap your amulet, I’d go for elemental damage & crit chance or crit multi. I’d not go with an additional penetration prefix since your damage is split over phys (70 base weapon + 16 spirit claws + 9 pummel), cold (50 ancestral weaponry + 10 shattered weaponry) & fire (90 weapon affix) for a total of 95 phys, 60 cold & 90 fire. You’ve also already got 8% phys/cold pen from shamanic infusion & 6% phys from blood claws so some fire pen would be the most effective if you did want to go with pen on your amulet.

Swapping the amulet would mean you don’t need any more phys/necrotic resists so you could then use a Silver amulet for increased crit chance, a bone amulet for phys/necrotic resist (but you’d then need to take phys/necrotic suffixes) or potentially an Oracle amulet for less DoT damage taken.

If you keep the resist blessings & use a Silver amulet, you could get more hp (of life) & either frailty or another resist (poison) as the other suffix. This would get you another ~200 hp.

Ur very correct in looking at my damage types…
Heres my flat dmg( they base has been mulitplied by 3 due to earthquakes scaling)


49% of my dmg is physical, 19 % cold and 32% fire.

Elemental damage increase would therefore more than phys i would think just based on that. But since i have 30 armor shred stacks aswell everything Physical gets muliplied by 47% more damage on the recieving end vs. only 23% for fire and cold.

I do however like the frailty on hit on amulet as an option.
If i´d go for a rare amulet i think im leaning towards inc phys and inc ele damage.

Naturally! That’s why I’m a British accountant & @heavy’s … not.

Frailty is always a good thing to get on all builds & inc phys/ele sound like a good plan for the prefixes. I’d probably go for a Silver amulet for slightly increased crit chance as an offensive choice or an Oracle amulet for a defensive choice.

Any suggestions for skills to add… i just cant find anything better than an unreliable small armor buff from ice thorns or the unreliable 100% inc. dmg from wolves howl. theres gotta be some more options im missing.

Kinda no, not really unless you’re willing to change your Werebear tree to allow it to proc Entangling Roots (for mana regen) unfortunately that also heals you which isn’t great for a low life build.

If you changed your idols you could use Maelstrom &/or Avalanche proc’d via idols.

yeah ive been thinking abuot avalanche and entangling roots… aswell. but they dont seem to add that much. entangling roots and summon spriggan has some increased damage on on there tree but… not sure spriggans entangling roots use the skilltree or not.

Your minions don’t use your specialised version of a skill, no.

That’s what you do, not who you are. I’m sure you’re far more than this! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe a silly suggestion here (since low life build probably dont want the healing aura from spriggan), but :
-Get a relic with a t5 minion regen mod
-Skill spriggan into max companion heal regen and damage (for the aura)
-Skill wolf into +1 minion, max regen and howl on boss
-Skill bear into briar thorn/armor reduction, and max life/armor

This should make them able to survive most of the emp monons, but probably not 150+ arena tho.

Build Update: Druid, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.1e) - Last Epoch Build Planner
Very lazy and easy playstyle. Wearbearform, Charge on autocast, just point at mobs and fly through empowered monoliths, arena wave 311 without trying.

This build is an absolute Beast.

Local Damage(on character)
740 Flat Damage (50%phy/30%fire/20%cold)
1800% Increased melee damage (with roarbuff)
700% more damage

Damage amplifiers on recieving end
14% Physical penetration
8% Cold penetration
30 stacks of armor shred( -3000 armor = 1.46% physical damage mulitplied by Local DMG)

TargettingDummy: 200k white hits and upto 500k crits. Each charge generate 3 hits.

3000 ward
1100 ward/sec
100% crit avoidance
res capped (except poison)
68%% damage reduction (TunkLabs