Certain Idol doesn't drops?

Hello, I’ve played for like 120h since 0.9 launched, and something I’m wondering is… have anyone here gotten idol with prefix like “Smite” and suffix “block effectiveness” on Large and Adorned Idols?

Cause I’ve never spend this much time and not receving at least once.
And yes my lootfilter doesn’t hide it.

I’m just wondering if they removed it from lootpool because it would be to broken for 1.0 launch?

Welcome to the forums I linked you the Last Epoch Databese there you can easiely see if the combination is possible and you can look up almost everything for future questions about item affixes.

I know these affixes can drop, I’ve seen them, but both smite and block effectiveness I’ve not seen dropped in 120 HOURS since 0.9 launch.

So I’m trying to raise awarness maybe there is a bug where this exact Idol cannot be dropped.
I’ve had countless of Smite idols dropped.
Same goes with block effectiveness.
But both affixes in the same, no.

The devs are well aware that certain build enabling idol affixes (eg, smite on throwing hit) are too rare. But paring that up with a second relevant affix is just how the rng/chase item nature goes (an idol with 3 relevant/useful affixes is intended to be rare/a chase item).

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