CDR not applying to form shift abilities

Primalist / Druid transformation back to human form is affected by increased CDR (Werebear, Spriggan, Swarmblade forms)

Expectation: shifts from one form to another (eg Roar turning Werebear to human → Werebear to Swarmblade) being similarly affected
Actual: Remaining cooldown on the transformation ability is increased from the reduced cooldown to the base 6 seconds.

More detailed: The character I noticed this on has a total of 33% increased CDR while transformed, which should reduce the 6 second transformation cooldown to 4.5 seconds. The “Return to human form” ability is affected by this, but using Roar in Werebear form to replace it with “Enter Swarmblade form” then increases the remaining cooldown - after figuring out what was going on, I timed it out to find that it remained 6 seconds after I entered werebear form. Since the UI has the handy visual indicator of how far through the cooldown skills are, it’s easy to tell the difference when the human form is off cooldown and then there’s suddenly a cooldown appearing again after the use of Roar.

What does this affect: any build that relies on rapid changes between forms. This particular character is a cold DoT Locust Swarm character, so I put down four hives, whack the bees out, use Swarm strike, then Rampage in bear form to go fast and kill things. The most vulnerable time is when Locust Swarm times out, but I am still CD dependent to re-enter Swarmblade form (partially negated by taking all 4 increased duration skill nodes, but the CDR working would reduce that to 1 or 2, freeing up points for other nodes).

Steps to reproduce: Get CDR and abilities that let you change between forms without returning to human form. Observe the remaining CD of the form change ability increasing when the “return to human form” is replaced.

Reproducibility: 100%
DxDiag.txt (83.3 KB)

PS For those curious, the character’s name is “Hypothermic Cuddlebear”

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