CD reduction for shift

My 0.9 sec cd shift become 1.7 sec (112% cooldown reduction). My build is dead now. Im disapointing. That all. Thx for watching.

Last Epoch uses Cooldown Recovery Speed, not Cooldown Reduction.

With your numbers Shift should have 1,5909 seconds cooldown [3,5 / (1 + 1,2)]

Didn’t patch add more sources of CDR ? Skill tree itself got cdr, Gorgonscale helm can have 12% and both rings 10% + affix on helm and belt. I haven’t done the math but seems busted to me since you can get close to 1 sec cooldown and with invuln during shift + 100% dodge after.

It was my build 0.9 cd shift. Give you 80-85% evasion. Give you mana regen. Give you 2 skill activations. Shift is most important skill for Blade dancer. CDR = dmg and survivability. But now with 112% cdr i have 1.7 sec cd. Even with belt(+20-25%) u have 1.5-1.4 sec. Now thats not worth it.

Strange they put more cd on a mobility skill that offers invul frames, dodge steroids, mana reg and skill activations?Why did they do this? Sounds totaly legit and balanced.

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