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Casual arpg player feedback

Just bought the game and played for 80 hours and want it to be more.
But have some thoughts about player experience.

I like to get to the endgame but monolith’s mechanic prevents me from doing it for too long and punishes too hard if i’m not feeling to play a class i picked up in mid story.
I mean respec will be nice even if i’ll had to start to play a new class with a huge level penalty but still be able to get to low level monolith right away.
Corruption is horrible thing to think about i really wish it will be global to entire empowered monolith.
Minions dying make me cry. Playing EQ Druid atm did invest some gear into minion’s health regen and over 100 increased life and still had to hit an A to not let them be disintegrated in less than one second. It is a global genre problem to balance AI and resources to make em feel fair.
Expand or remove a stability cap and maybe let player skip first two quest echo for an extra fee or a threshold like discovering all paths. I want to grind and want to make it hard but the fact that i can store up to just two boss encounters distracts too much. I used to grind endgame bosses in a row rather than when it’s ready.

I really enjoy the game and will play it for a bit.

Lots of builds wont be able to reliable completely Empowered monoliths with corruption

Infinite scaling in a game where we do not get infinite scaling cannot work longterm. especially gating uniques behind it

pretty sure he meant reliably complete.

except it can and will you just stop at the power spike you can’t handle anymore this is why you able to reduce corruption in the first place.
also infinite character scaling is genre cancer and came from the games you won’t to play as an arpg fan.