Cant unlock warlock

I have been away for a while and started playing recently to try out the new Warlock sub class, which is supposed to be unlocked now. Warlock is supposed to unlock when you have a certain amount of passives in the based acolyte tree I think. I have 20 so far but the warlock class is still not unlocked and It wont let me choose it as a mastery. The bigger problem is I am blocked from going to any new zones or getting any new quests. The only way to get more EP is to kill the same mobs over and over, which is no fun at all. This is all pretty messy for a game that is supposed to be close to release.

Warlock and Falconer will unlock when the game launches on February 21.
Until then you will have to choose a different subclass in order to progress.

which is supposed to be unlocked now.

Only if you haven’t read literally anything anywhere about it.

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I saw the roadmap showing the Warlock preview on January 25, so I assumed that meant it could be tested in early access then. Apparently they meant a video would be released with information about the subclass. So I guess the new subclasses wont tested before the go live date of February 21. Not testing major new features before release seems risky to me. I hope everything goes well.

The subclasses are being tested in a closed community tester program.

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I’m going to guess you’re newish to the forums and LE recently? Because since launch was actually finalized and announced last September-ish practically all of their info has explained nothing new is going live until Feb 21 and that the CT (that’s the internal community testing - which is pretty good sized) is ongoing continuously.

Even a cursory look through their latest Dev Development posts reveals this

If you are new, LE is pretty great about communication unlock many other companies I’ve seen that go dark for long periods at a time.

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Or you’re in the CT.

You mean like Wolcen Studios?
Even mid-crapstorm they could go silent for months.

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Sigh. I was very active in the Wolcen Discord for several years. That game had so much potential. And there were a few Devs that really listened but, holy moly, the project management and top levels in that company were…so, yeah, this is one of those.