Cant unlock path lv85 from ending the storm

I’ve unlocked path lv80 from monolith lv75(Ending the Storm) by killing lagon, now after that I’ve killed lagon twice already and nothing happens, is there another way to unlock path lv85 from this monolith?

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in the second quest at the end you are asked a question. You need to choose the oppisite answer that you have been to open the 85 pathway

if I remember theres only 1 answer (to unlock lv85 path) after you’ve unlocked lv80 I think

Well if thats true then running the timeline a second time picking that answer and then beating lagon should open it up.

Literally have the exact same problem today but something happened when I talked to her after beating her and I got kicked to desktop and then I had to go back and now I’m stuck trying to get lagon again it’s kind of weird, I feel your frustration

At the end of the second quest, you meet Liath. At a moment, you can tell her “Be bold and fight me”. Do so, fight her and defeat her. Then, after defeating Lagon in the third quest, the path will be unlocked.

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