Can't turn in Saving Last Refuge Quest

So here’s a bug for you.

When me and my friend was playing through the mainquest we ended up in Ruins of Welryn when we tried to enter The Upper District. This seems to have broken our main quest progression, as we did get a bunch of quest from later in the game when we zoned into the Cultist Camp.

So after going back to the proper areas, and into the Lower District and killing the boss there Elder Gaspar just won’t give us the time of day and we can’t complete the quest to get our first idol slots.

Player-prev.log (2.0 MB)

I am having the same issue. I joined a friend in multiplayer before I turned the quest in, ported him and then went to town to run in. Quest shows as ready to turn in but won’t allow me to do so. All I get is an option to select “Goodbye” when I speak to Elder Gaspar.

quest is broken

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