Can't tell if the Dragon Breath node on my passive tree is getting activated or not

Currently gearing an Ignite Fireball Sorc and I have the Dragon Mage, Dragon Breath, and Mirror Breath nodes fully allocated and am using the Plasma Ball node in the Fireball tree to give it the lightning tag so that it will activate Dragon Mage and Dragon Breath. When I cast Fireball with my character sheet pulled up I can see my fire damage goes up by 100% for Dragon Mage, but my ignite chance does not change at all even though I should be activating Dragon Breath as well.

Does anyone know if Dragon Breath is bugged, or perhaps the character sheet tooltip is simply not updating to reflect the increase to ignite chance?

Took me a while to understand, but it does work. However it doesn’t show in your profile because your ignite chance only goes up, if you use fire skills. The tooltip shows ignite chance on hit (with any skill). If you wanna be 100% sure, try it out on the dummy (that’s what I just did).

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Thanks for the response. I did test it out last night and I was definitely able to stack more ignites with Plasma Ball allocated than unallocated. I assume all conditional +% Ignite Chance modifier exists outside the calculations of the character sheet provides.