Can't select Rouge

No where I can see on your site, can I see anything that says the Rouge isn’t in the game yet.

Download, and log in no Rouge.

Kinda rude.

Rogue wont be available until Phase 3. Last I heard we are ending phase 1 and entering phase 2? The phase listing can be seen here: Early Access Development Forecast

You can probably get many different shades of Rouge from a cosmetic supply store. Just don’t use so much!

<Sorry in advance. I just couldn’t help myself!>


You know. You’re right.

I think in the main mage and in the classes subsection the devs should have indicated which were the classes that’s “coming soon”.

It might not spell it out on the main site, but its been mentioned many times on the forums. Its an early access game, not everything is going to be implemented.

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