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Can't Select Menu Options or NPC Chat Dialogues


I have a real hard time selecting, well, just about anything in game, but it’s particularly frustrating when selecting menu options or NPC dialogues because I cannot sometimes access the game easily or continue forth in a quest.

For menu items, I’m left with only one real option that doesn’t always work. I spam left-click while slowly moving my mouse about in a Menu Icon or Button until it actually finds a sweet spot and triggers. And then if there is a character select, I even have to do it there. It’s everywhere.

Just now though, I’m about 80 minutes in with my first character, a level ~14 Acolyte. I went to the NPC, which was a chore to click on in itself, but I couldn’t click on any of the available dialogues, even with my prior “system of clicking.” So I can’t progress now.

Some things about my build, not typical, AMD fanboy here:
-B450 MSI board.
-Ryzen 7 1700
-MSI AMD Radeon 480 8gb Sapphire
-2x8 gb Ram paired with 2x4 gb Ram (24 total DDR4, odd I know, but I just had extra ram laying around I shoved in there, never had a problem in the last 2 years.)
-Win10 Home
-Installed on a 1TB Samsung EVO SSD
-Mechanical Keyboard and Logitech G700 mouse, which also never gave me problems before.

Another problem I should note, that seems to have gone away, is when I open the game, the mouse cursor slowly drifts on it’s own.

Anyway, when this game does work, it’s actually real fun to play. Keep up the good work.

-Wade 5/5/2019

I think I solved it. Launched the game with the Xbox One Controller unplugged and the problem seems to be nonexistent now. Menus are easy to click now.

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