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Can't play the game until Lootfilters are cloud saved and available in Geforce Now


Fair enough… Unfortunately, you may be waiting a while… I am not a EHG dev, but I doubt Geforce Now support is high on a priority list especially considering everything else that still has to be done.

If I recall, you can copy paste lootfilters per session, but that would be slightly tedious…

Its likely that this is a post version 1.0 item…

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Loot filters are not required to play the game.

i don’t even know what GeForce Now is. lol.

It’s a cloud service that allows you to play games on your Personal Potato as though it were a high end gaming computer.

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I like that… heh heh… Personal Potato… might have to steal that one…


Are you unable to use your clipboard with Geforce Now? It shouldn’t be too difficult to import a filter into it that way.

bah! kids these days…
in my day we had to play games by pushing electrons uphill. both ways. IN THE SNOW!


Pfffft, you had measly electrons? WE had to push protons up hill, and the hill was on a Neutron Star so they kept on absorbing electrons and turning into neutrons which we couldn’t interact with because Dad didn’t allow us to use anything other than the electromagnetic force!
Poxy electron capture.

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I knew it! That’s the proof: You’re not from earth!

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there is a work around for this yes but since you never log on to the same local machine twice all that work will have to be done every time you load up the game.

Oh, life is just so tough for the young’uns these days. However do they cope?

I remember having to wait to play a game until the tape recorder had finished loading it up FROM A TAPE!

P.S. With today’s obsession with “the cloud”, perhaps it’s worth remembering that “the cloud” actually means nothing more than “someone else’s computer”. People seem to constantly forget this these days, and instead think that “the cloud” is some magical place up in the sky owned by fairies with magical storage methods (instead of servers owned by some mega company).


TBF, “the cloud” is a “magical place up in the sky”, though they aren’t owned by fairies.