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Can't place order


I just wanted to buy the game on this website, to avoid the unnecessary steam launcher app, but my only option to pay is via credit card. I don’t have a credit card and would prefer to pay via PayPal.
help please!

Hey @Springtoiffel,

PayPal support is actively being worked on - however, it isn’t available just yet.

If you have a Steam account, you should be able to buy Last Epoch through Steam, link your Steam and Last Epoch accounts, and download the standalone client from our website.

hello @Sarno

do I have to install the game through steam to link my accounts? or can I link my Last Epoch account through this website to my steam account?

and where on this site can I download the standalone client?


From this post, in the top right hand corner of the webpage click “My Account”. There should be a section here titled “Download Launcher” with a compatible OS.

thanks @FIZZLLE
I guess that section appears as soon as I’ve bought Last Epoch.

now I only need to know if I have to have steam+game installed to link my accounts.