Can't pickup items in "Blood, Frost, and Death" Timeline?

So for some reason I can’t pick up certain items in this timeline. I’m only like 2 echoes in right now and it won’t let me pick up certain items. I thought it was my filter and disabled it, but when I went to the second echo it happened again.

Can’t click on item

Filter IS turned off

Even when I exit the echo and am in the room with the chest it won’t let me pick up the items from the chest. I missed out on a set item and a legendary so far.

Log File
Player.log (580.2 KB)

Previous Log File
Player-prev.log (410.6 KB)

EDIT: Just an update, looks like I can’t pick up any items in this zone now unless its an autopickup item like gold. For some reason its only the echoes in this timeline. I can pick up items just fine anywhere else.

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