Can't login

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*What went wrong?
When I try to login (Click on PLay online) it stays loading and nothing happens, I tried with Central server and east server.

I have been able to play without issue in the last few days, the problem started today.

Log File


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For me, playing OFFLINE loads indefinitely today :frowning:

Player.log (86.5 KB)
Player-prev.log (86.8 KB)

Logging in, through Steam, I’m looking at the swirly ball for a while and then a message appears telling me “Steam is now required” and I need to update my sccount

This happens to me for the first time ever today. Loading forever in offline!

Bump - Same issue
Whether I try to login online or offline, I get a loading symbol like the OP’s screenshot. :frowning:

server downtime 8am-10am CST
This should be on the login screen

Thanks for the response - i did not see any such message on the login screen - will check again now.

edit - its 10:27 CST now so servers are back up - i can login fine now. Sucks that we didn’t get notified on the login page - i even checked their twitter, just didn’t scroll down far enough I guess.

Yep, offline started working again after server came back.

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