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Can't login the game

After the 0. 8. 2i update, I can’t login the game for two days through steam. It freezes at the choice character page.

Hey., Welcome to the forums…

  1. make sure that the game files are verified on Steam… Very important to do this…

  2. ensure that your system OS is patched and up to date and that you are running recent graphics drivers.

  3. be sure that nothing else is running on your system while you test LE… temporarily disable or do not run anything else… Sometimes other apps can cause issues so its best not to use anything while testing.

  4. Make sure that any firewall or antivirus system you are using hasnt blocked LE files from network access - this does sometimes happen, especially when new patches are installed.

  5. There could be something wrong with your savegames. As a test, BACKUP the Last Epoch folder safely and then without the game running, delete the existing folder so that the game resets itself when you run it again… if it works after this then there is something wrong with your original files. You can then copy the savegames back and see if the game will load again - if the problem comes back then one or more of the savegames might be corrupted.

  6. you need to provide your game player logs, error logs, system information and in-game setting information for anyone to try and help further…

DxDiag.txt (79.0 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (487 Bytes)
Player.log (52.2 KB)
Here are three files, I can’t find the launcher’s log file. Thanks


Did you try any of the steps I recommended above? What happened?

The player.log shows lots of websocket errors which are usually related to TCPIP communications - like trying to connect to the EHG server to log you in for authentication and chat when you chose a character. There is one line that says the game cannot resolve as the destination host for login… Are you sure that nothing happened with your internet connection, networking or firewall since the last time you played?

I have solved this problem by delete these three files.
“le_graphicsmanager. ini”
“Player. log”
“version. txt”

That is tooooo strange.


That IS very strange… :confused:

Deleting the ini file will get the game to reset the graphics back to defaults and is usually done if people are getting odd visual problems in the game…

Deleting the other two files should not do anything as they will just be recreated when you play the game and are not really used for anything other than logs/versioning.

Well… I suppose thats what it means to play BETA games…

At least you are able to play the game now :+1:

Thank you, my friend.

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