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Can't link Steam account

Just like others, I follow the steps and when It says to “Link Account” it just brings me back to the webpage for Last Epoch. On the Steam store page it wants me to still pay for the game.

same here… followed the link to link my steam account. When I login, it just brings me back to the same page & asks me to login again.

Was I suppose to receive the redeem key when i made the purchase? Or will I automatically be able to redeem once I link my steam account since it shows that I purchased the ancient gladiator pack?

Try this, it doesn’t tell you that your accounts are linked.

Once I went to the first link under the last section titled “Redeeming your Steam Key” it gave me a key.

Hi @Pabsmear, thanks for sharing what helped you. :slight_smile:

@LooseyzGooseyz Could you see if that support article helps? It should do.

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