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Can't Find Cursor?! Color change option or highlight or something

So I’m playing a paladin build and I keep losing the cursor in the explosion storm of graphics that occurs around the player. This is important because I need to aim my lunge and smite. The chosen color fits in nicely with the UI theme but is easily lost in the battle. I’d like a neon green or purple or something cursor that I can’t lose. If this option already exists and I’ve somehow missed it, please let me know. I think this should be user preference and just present me with some kind of color picker and a checkbox to go back to the default.

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check out yolomouse. there are free older versions available at the link i gave and a slightly improved paid version that only costs 5 bucks on steam (also a link to their paid version on that github page).

it works with a lot of programs, and i use it all the time. you can have custom settings for each game, and even each different cursor within the game. for example my default cursor for LE is bright pink and about 3x the size of the normal cursor and whenever i hover over an enemy it turns bright green.

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Thanks for the recommendation!

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