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Cant decide explosiv umbral blade

Hi i rly love the new umbral skill. i cant decide whice one i like more for my exploding build.
i can go whit the nodes sword thrower and Leathal darknes to get singel daggers whit 250% more dmg and shadow daggers on top. the shadow daggers do like 30k dmg each and the explosion from the singel blade do like 1k and hit for like 800.

or i culd go a multi dagger build whit 2 daggers on 1 throw 6 daggers on second throw and 6 daggers on 3rd throw. Each dagger exlpodes for like 600 dmg right now and hit for like 400 each. it feels like the singel dagger and shadow daggers do more dmg overall but feel like the multi daggers will do more dmg when i get better gear for the build like more fire dmg and throw dmg

Either of those is probably good. I did a poison version with explosions & a third throw which was good.

It depends really on if you are going to critical or DoT with UB. If you’re going crit, I would recommend going Sword Thrower for the added damage effectiveness from what I have played with as it pairs well with Snychronized Strike’s Dark Allies, particularly if going explosive blades and playing that “trapper” playstyle.

The first/second/third combo throws pair better for DoT builds as you get the application of the initial strikes as well as either the explosions or recall. This works well not just with bleed/poison, but also with ignite/frostbite builds with the proper unique support (though Subzero Intrusion seems to be bugged right now)

ok thx for the tip but im building around the duskshroud node to increse the dmg so the more duskshorud i have the more dmg i do and i can even stay in smokecloud to do 2x the dmg. it feels like the multi dagger build is better thx to each blade has a chance to give dusk shroud. im not rly a fan of ailment builds in this game so i usaly go fore more crit based builds and hige dmg

The chance for dusk shroud is on use, ie, once per throw not per hit (like poison).

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